Do you have enough outlets in your home? Many people live with just a couple outlets and switches in each room which is hardly enough with today’s demanding lifestyle. A lot of families have a lot more electronics and need to have more outlets to accommodate today’s high-tech generation.

To avoid using extensions cords is ideal because of the household fires that are reported.

Un-grounded outlets lack a ground wire to protect you from electric shock. A ground wire provides a safe path away from you back into the ground if there is a short. Grounding also protects appliances from electrical damage. This is why many appliances have a three prong plug.

A two-prong outlet signifies that there is no ground wire and prevents a homeowner from plugging in an appliances or electronics that require grounding. In some cases, uninformed persons will replace a two prong outlet with a three-prong outlet without adding a new ground wire. This creates a major hazard and is potentially dangerous to anyone using that outlet. This is why replacing a two-prong outlet with a three prong outlet without running a new wire is illegal in Ohio.