Smoke Detectors have saved thousands of lives. Though often ignored, smoke detectors are one of the smallest, yet most important, appliances in your home. It really is a matter of “life and death.”

For this very reason, modern building standards require smoke detectors throughout the house. In any residential home in Ohio, smoke detectors are required in every bedroom, hallway, garage, and basement.

The most important safety feature of modern smoke detectors is that each smoke detector is inked together so that when one goes off, they all go off. This means a fire in the basement will sound the smoke alarm in all of the bedrooms upstairs. Many homes were built before this method became standard and only have stand-alone battery-powered smoke detectors, if any. Unfortunately, a smoke detector is only effective if someone hears it.

In addition to being looped together, modern smoke detectors are tied into your home’s electrical system rather than just running on batteries all the time. They still contain 9-volt batteries, but only for use during power outages. This significantly increases the life of the smoke detector and the odds that the detector will work when you need it. Smoke detectors work mainly through photoelectric sensors or ionization. Both methods detect smoke through sensors located inside the unit. Excess dirt and dust can ruin smoke detectors so it is important to keep them clean. Also, have your smoke detectors checked regularly. If the detector is damaged, dirty, or more than ten years old it should be replaced.

Is your home protected? If a fire broke out tonight, would you be able to wake up and escape? We believe everyone should be able to answer yes to that question.

Troubleshooting Smoke Detectors

Is your smoke detector beeping? Illuminated Visions Electric can locate and repair beeping smoke detectors. If you have a smoke detector that is keeping you up all night and driving you crazy, call us right now. We will find the source of the problem and eliminate the chirp for good. Plus, we will make sure that all your smoke detectors work and will be there in case you actually need them. Don’t just pull the smoke detectors out of the wall and risk a fire without warning. Get the real problem addressed.