Q: What are some of the problems can we fix?

A:  Illuminated Visions Electric is trained and experienced electrical problem solvers. We have successfully tracked and solved many electrical problems, and we can solve yours too. Whether you’ve lost power to part of your home, have lights that flicker, or switches that are humming, we will fix it.

Q: My breaker will not reset. Does that mean it’s broken? 

A:  Breakers are designed to shut-off power when they detect problems on a circuit. The more likely cause is a problem somewhere on your circuit.  Do not make multiple attempts to turn “on” a breaker that is tripping. This can be very dangerous and cause further damage to your electrical system.  Let us find the problem, and then we can safely restore power to that circuit.

Q: What is the sizzling or cracking sound I hear coming from my electrical panel? 

A:  That is the sound of an electrical hazard! If you hear sizzling, crackling, or popping noises coming from your electrical panel, call a qualified electrician ASAP.

Q: Why do my light bulbs burn out quickly? 

A:  This is a common problem but the causes vary. First, make sure you are using the correct wattage bulb for that light. If your bulb gets too hot, it will burn out the filament. Second, have a qualified electrician check the connections and sockets in your fixtures. Third, consider switching to LED bulbs in frequently used rooms like kitchens.  In a room with 6-12 regular recessed lights, you can reasonably expect to change a bulb every 2-3 months (this is assuming that each individual bulb lasts 1-2 years on average!).   If you install LED bulbs, you will need to replace your bulbs almost never.

Q: Why are all my lights getting really dim or really bright? 

A:  This is a very serious problem! Unplug any sensitive electronics in your home and immediate call a qualified electrician to troubleshoot the problem.  Whole house power fluctuations can seriously damage your home. This issue is generally caused by problems in your main electrical service, electrical panel, or meter housing. This problem can also be caused by your power company connections.  Regardless of the problem, we will find it very quickly and help you get it resolved ASAP.