Warranty Statement


The warranty does not cover depreciation or damage caused by: normal wear, accident, improper protection in storage, improper use, alterations, tampering, the environment, improper maintenance or incidental costs incurred by the original purchaser while the product is being examined and/or repaired under warranty.  In addition to the above limitations and/or exclusions, the following basic components are not covered by the limited warranty:

  1. Parts and/or components subject to normal ​wear with normal usage ​ or ​mechanical​ parts not covered by the manufacturers warranty.
  2. Non-Durable Replaceable Parts are parts that have a limited life expectancy and are designed to be replaced. These types of parts are specifically excluded from this warranty and are not covered by ​IV Electric​. These types of parts include but are not limited to Light Bulbs, Ballasts, Fuses, Batteries, etc.
  3. Parts ​that​ require scheduled and general maintenance services as defined in the applicable operator’s manual.
  4. The repair, service and/or installation of any electric component or related replacement part for use with  ​IV Electric​ construction products must be accomplished by a certified, licensed electrician to receive coverage consideration under the applicable warranty program. Improper repair, service and/or installation  ​will void this warranty and ​can result in property damage and/or personal injury. To receive warranty consideration, supporting documentation that is signed by a certified, licensed electrician must be submitted at the time coverage is requested.
  5. Contact ​the office​ for a copy of the limited warranty or an explanation of its terms and conditions. If ​you​ feel that ​you are​ entitled to an adjustment after the stated warranty coverage time period has expired, contact the Customer Service Department at ​216-245-8548​, stating the reasons why a further adjustment should be made. Any reasonable request will be considered. No adjustment should be offered or given to an original purchaser after the stated warranty coverage time period has expired until authorization has been made in writing.

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General Conditions and Exclusions:

This warranty extends only to parts and labor provided by ​IV​ Electric. Parts provided by others or installations done by others are expressly excluded from this warranty. This warranty does not cover items damaged by acts of nature, misuse, or abuse. ​ ​This warranty is limited to only those items installed or provided by ​IV​ Electric. Remedies for warranty claims are limited to the repair or replacement of the damaged part or faulty installation up to but not exceeding a full refund for the installation or faulty portion of the installation. This warranty does not cover the cost of repairs made by others unless authorized in writing by ​IV​ Electric. This warranty does not apply to installations or parts for which IV​ Electric has not received payment. Failure to pay for a service or installation voids any and all warranty coverage offered by ​IV​ Electric. No warranty coverage is extended to pro gratis or courtesy repairs. This warranty is non-transferable and is only enforceable by the original purchaser. No warranty coverage or guaranties are extended to subsequent owners or occupants.

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